Aug 17, 2016
In The News

Representatives Tim Ryan, Mark Takano and Paul Tonko, accompanied by Lieutenant General Michael Dana and Vice Admiral Phil Cullom pushed a large button to transmit the data to the ISS 3D printer.  Mr. Donald McCormack, and Made in Space CEO Andrew Rush also took part in the event.  Progress of data transmission and confirmation of receipt, which took only a couple minutes, by the ISS was observed on a large computer screen.

Although this clip has not been designed for use on the ISS, this example demonstrates the progress made in the implementation of digital design and 3D printing, in which the design data can be sent remotely to the printer, even when it is located in space. 

The 3D printer sent to ISS in March was produced by inner-city high school students in Youngstown, OH and costs less than $2,000. The same printer is utilized on aircraft carriers to achieve significant operational enhancements and cost savings.  This is a great example of how young boys and girls can make significant contribution to science and technology given the right opportunity and training.