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Past Events

May 6, 20201 1:00 - 2:10 pm | Remote Zoom Room | Battery Materials & Technology Coalition

Missing: A North American Battery Supply Chain

Briefing Overview:

The Battery Materials & Technology Coalition (BMTC) held a panel discussion on the need for a North American battery supply chain. Given China’s control of global battery supply chains, with over 100 battery megafactories built or planned, ownership of more critical mineral reserves than any other country, and a stranglehold on the world’s mineral processing industry, the U.S. needs to act swiftly to secure a domestic battery industry.

Link to Briefing Recording

Panel Speakers:

  1. Ben Steinberg, bsteinberg@vennstrategies.com
  2. Andrew (Andy) Miller, amiller@benchmarkminerals.com 
  3. James (Jim) Greenberger, jgreenberger@naatbatt.org
  4. Robbie Diamond, rdiamond@secureenergy.org
  5. Austin Devaney, adevaney@piedmontlithium.com
  6. Paul Lichty, plichty@forgenano.com 

This was a widely attended public event.